Pitched Craigee to the Crowds

We just finished up our busy weekend here at Startup Weekend LA 2.  We were the last group to go, but we could some positive feedback.  As a team we decided to continue and bring Craigee to the crowds.  Here’s the presentation that we gave.

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LA Startup Weekend 2: The Birth of Craigee

Have you heard of Startup Weekend before?  If you haven’t, neither had I until a month ago.  The premise is simple:  get a bunch of people together and get them to launch a product (normally tech/web related) in the span of the weekend.  No fancy business plans, months of feasibility research, or endless committee meetings–just launch a product.  When I read about the concept I immediately liked it.  No more talk about great ideas and not following through.  Startup Weekend was all about action.  That in a nutshell is how I ended up at Los Angeles Startup Weekend 2.

So how did we figure out what to build and how to organize?  All the participants met at Blank Spaces in Los Angeles and after some introductions anyone interested in pitching an idea pitched it to the whole group.  The group then voted on which ideas sounded interesting.  It went from over 30 ideas to roughly 8 ideas.  I pitched an idea I had just thought of the day before the event, helping people find better deals on Craigslist.

I pitched it as a way to get email alerts from craigslist on products that a person was looking to buy and as a way to collect historical data on stuff like what’s the average price for a product on craigslist.  Through the various cuts of product ideas it managed to stay alive and by the end of Friday we had an awesome team and were anxious to get started the next day.


Today we hashed out more ideas for the “Craigslist sniper and analytics” idea and even came up with a name:  Craigee.

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